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Jessica Elliott

Data-Driven Technology, Finance, and Marketing Writer

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The 5 Key Things That Show up on Background Checks
Do you want to know what shows up on a background check? Five key aspects of screenings include
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What Do Background Checks Show?
Are you getting the most out of every new hire? Or do you spend too much time on applicants who
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How Long Does an Employment Background Check Take
Time is of the essence, and when you're hiring a new employee, you don't want to move onto the next
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10 Red Flags You Can Pick Up From a Comprehensive Background Check Online
Have you ever experienced a gut feeling telling you that something was off about an applicant?
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An Introduction to Background Screenings
Hiring is expensive and time-consuming. But making the wrong decision uses even more resources and
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5 Things You Should Know About Pre-Employment Background Checks
Today’s hiring managers take on many duties during the hiring process, including reviewing
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The Dos and Don’ts of an Employment Verification Process
  The right skills on a resumé don’t always mean you found the appropriate person for the job.
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Why You Should Run an Online Background Check
  Can you trust every application or resume that comes your way? 38% of senior managers reported
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