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Ensure Trust & Safety When Hiring A Caregiver

Conducting the right caregiver background check is an important step for any new parent to care for their child or aging parents.  Do not leave this up to others or word of mouth on whom to hire. Learn how the eKnowID team of licensed private investigators  (who are parents and get it) can help you hire your dream caregiver.



A Robust Suite of Caregiver Solutions

We offer rapid and reliable talent screening solutions to support your personal support hiring needs, allowing you to concentrate your focus on delivering great care to your staff and most importantly: its patients. Our Customized Solutions can include:


Questions About Hiring Your First Caregiver?

Let the eKnowID experienced team help you hire your perfect caregiver.


Your Applicant Is Our Client Too

Unlike traditional background check companies, 80% of eKnowID data processing is automated, increasing productivity for your team and improve your candidates' experience:

  • Reduce Keystrokes 
    with our easy-to-use applicant-driven invite ordering Process.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
    Improve your candidate's experience with our mobile-friendly design.

  • Paperless Processing
    Eliminate the need for manually collecting application forms and signatures.


Highest Security Standards

  • Highly Trained Staff
    Staff is supported by KENTECH, a Private Investigative licensed firm that holds various security clearances.

  • Secure Access
    All Data is highly secured with military-grade encryption both at rest and during transmission.

  • Strong Reliability
    eKnowID operates and maintains the high availability of all services and infrastructure. 


The Benefits of eKnowID for Technology Companies

  • Automated, Built-in Compliance
    Helps you stay compliant with hundreds of federal, state, and local legal requirements and ban-the-box laws.

  • Industry Expertise
    Whether you’re just getting started or already have a process in place, we offer resources and tools to take your screening to the next level.

  • Global Screening, One Partner
    eKnowID offers global screenings in over 200 countries companies to efficiently manage background checks for global hires.