Nationwide Criminal Background Check

Whenever you want to hire someone, you will likely need to perform a national criminal background check on the applicant. While some people will think that a local check is enough, you should perform national checks, too. Let's review what these checks include and why they matter.


What Is a Nationwide Background Check?

Some background checks only involve the local government in your state. However, a nationwide background check allows you to perform a search at a national level to see if a specific person has a criminal record anywhere in the country. This lets you know if the person you're looking to hire has a criminal record in the US.

A nationwide background check will involve looking through the national criminal database to see if any matches appear. This information is provided by the Department of Justice, and it informs you if any potential hires have been to jail. Doing so can assist you in making the right choice as you go through the hiring process.

In short, a nationwide background check allows you to see if federal criminal checks will turn anything up for your applicants. From here, you can look through those records, see what crimes your employees have been charged with and decide if you want to hire them.

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What Sort of Criminal Record Information Is Out There?

Many people know that felonies and jail time are included in criminal records, but there's other information you can find out through background checks. At eKnowID, we can check for sex offenders, felons, driving records and even credit checks. We provide you with a comprehensive background check so that you can see all the legal information needed.

For example, a credit check may not benefit a hiring boss, but it could help landlords determine if they want to accept a tenant. On the other hand, a driving record may not matter to some hires, but it will matter if the job involves driving a car. You need to know this information to make an informed decision.

These checks can go a step further by providing educational background information and an employment application check. There is plenty of information available to you as an employer if you search for it. You can get detailed records on your potential hires, and you can see if they will properly represent your business.


The Importance of Background Checks for Employment

You need to remember that employees are an extension of your business. If you perform a criminal court search and you discover that your employee was involved in a murder, then that will poorly reflect on your business. The word will quickly spread, and people may be hesitant to work with your business.

In addition, some of your employees may lie on their resumes when it comes to their education. A background check like ours will allow you to see if they truly have the degrees they claim to have. You need qualified, honest and virtuous employees, so you should perform a background check to avoid anyone that may reflect negatively on your business.