Hiring is expensive and time-consuming. But making the wrong decision uses even more resources and the effects go beyond your budget. A poor choice leads to a drop in workforce morale, lost productivity, and potential reputation damage. 

The facts are clear; you need the right people for the job. Yet what you see on paper isn't always the total truth. Instead of leaving it up to chance, learn which background screenings deliver the best insights for an informed decision. 


Types of Background Screenings 

With automated technology combined with human oversight, you can cover all of your bases before hiring a new employee. While some job positions require a comprehensive background check, others may only require quick employment verification. Consider solutions like:

  • Criminal history report

    Comb through the national criminal database to uncover records from the Administration of the Court (AOC), Department of Corrections (DOC) and state sex offender registries.
  • Prior employment review 

    Compare an applicant's resume data with the facts by getting details about previous positions and dates of employment. 
  • Education verification

     Match the educational details on your candidate's application to those from universities, including degrees earned and dates attended.
  • Credit report

     Evaluate credit records to assess security risks and verify your candidate's identity to prevent potential fraud. 
  • Driving record screening

     Confirm an applicant's license status and class, along with any moving violations and restrictions.
  • Reference verification

    Assess references during the hiring process by looking at the length of their friendship and type of relationship. 

Which Kind of Background Check Should You Use? 

During your employment verification process, you may handle some details yourself, like education, employment or reference reviews. However, you'll spend hours making calls and following up with various people. In many cases, it's less expensive to contract out all or part of your screening efforts.

Regardless if you do the verification yourself or use a background check service, double-checking a candidate's resume details confirms facts and provides peace of mind. Other background screenings produce valuable insights that help you evaluate a potential employee. For example: 

  • Use a comprehensive background check for data-heavy or finance-focused positions where you require the highest security and trust level, such as in banking or healthcare. 
  • Leverage driving records to appease insurance companies and ensure all employees who handle business vehicles have top-notch safety records and the correct licensing. 

Go Beyond Criminal Background Screenings

When you think of background checks, criminality is the first thing that comes to mind. However, background checks can go beyond identifying serial killers and ax murderers. In fact, background checks can help you identify red flags that you missed during the interview process. With access to data on driving records, credit checks and more, you can learn if a candidate is honest, reliable, experienced and an overall good fit for your company. 

Benefits of Background Checks 

Pre-employment background checks start at less than $30. Compare this expense to the cost of your time, and you'll find it's an easy decision. However, skip out on the essentials, like not fact-checking a candidate's history, and you risk:

  • Blowing your hiring budget on the wrong person 
  • Exposing confidential data
  • Losing credibility in the workplace

Select the Best Background Screening Services 

Background screenings all play a role in hiring the right candidate. That's why 86% of companies check all full-time employees and 67% investigate all part-time employees, according to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. When you work with an FCRA-compliant BBB accredited service, you can move forward with the peace of mind that you're approving a solid pick for your team. Want to get to know your candidates before you hire them?

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