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Types of Screenings

There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ background check, and that’s why we offer more than a dozen types of screenings you can choose from. Our packages are a great starting place, or you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Some of our background checks are conducted by licensed private investigators for a high-tech, high-touch approach. These are designated by this symbol and are our most popular offerings.


We'll double-check and confirm all of the information a candidate has provided you, so you know you have the right information, when you need it.

Employment Verification
A check of previous employers' records during an individual's stated period of employment. Information obtained includes, but is not limited to, dates of employment, job position, and reason for leaving.
Education Verification
Confirmation of an individual’s education, to include verification of dates attended and degrees earned.
Professional Reference Verification
In order to fill the gaps in the education and employment history reference verification process is taken. The type of relationship, tenure of acquaintance and professional assessment is done based on references provided by you. These verifications are also done to check reliability, stability and other history of the applicant.

Background Checks

There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ background check, and that’s why we offer more than a dozen types of screenings you can choose from. 

Civil Court Checks
A criminal background check will show if a person has been convicted of a crime. A civil background check will show if the person has had any civil action against them and if they have had to pay financial restitution due to this civil action.
International Background Checks
Many people are familiar with national background checks, but you can also perform international background checks. This means that you can have a global background screening required for your applicants to avoid serious problems for your business. Here’s why international background checks are important and when you should perform one.
Criminal Background Checks

Whenever you want to hire someone, you will likely need to perform a national criminal background check on the applicant. While some people will think that a local check is enough, you should perform national checks, too. Let's review what these checks include and why they matter.


Healthcare Sanctions
Healthcare providers working in the US are required to conduct regular sanction screening of contractors, workforce members, volunteers, vendors, and new hires. This screening is done to identify the entities and people excluded from participating in federal healthcare programs.
Driving Record Checks
If your business requires the operation of motor vehicles, a driving record check for potential employees can give you the insights you need. eKnowID offers MVR checks to ensure that a candidate’s driving records are clear for all sorts of positions, including contract drivers, chauffeurs, delivery drivers, and more. 
Social Media Screenings
As a business owner, you know just how important it is to choose the right employees. One great way to ensure that you hire trustworthy employees is by doing a social media screening. Social media screenings can allow you to learn a little bit about the lives of potential employees outside of work, which can help you to determine if they’re likely to be trustworthy workers.


There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ background check, and that’s why we offer more than a dozen types of screenings you can choose from. 

Credit Checks
Credit checks are used by a variety of companies and individuals to verify certain types of information before conducting business, financial, or legal activities with an individual or company. Based on the information that is found in your credit report, those requesting a credit check can determine the level of risk they may take on by choosing to do business with you or by employing you. 
Drug Test
When recruiting new hires, you want to ensure that they’re trustworthy and reliable. With drug screening, your organization can filter out candidates who are potentially abusing drugs, making for a safer, more efficient work environment. Read on to learn more about drug testing for business, and why you should choose eKnowID for your drug screening needs.

In addition to these checks, we offer private investigation services through our sister organization, KENTECH. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can customize a solution for your business.