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Address History Check

With many people moving or relocating in the U.S., knowing where they lived previously helps verify verbal explanations and applicant documentation. It allows for due diligence when checking a criminal history—uncovering a previous address aids in determining where to conduct an eviction or criminal search. An address history check is useful as a tracing tool for those who broke a lease, left owing money, and disappeared. 

It ensures the people in question are legal residents and not involved in fraudulent activities such as using false social security numbers. An address history trace gives all names connected with a social security number and all addresses associated with the number. Running an address history trace helps individuals, families, communities, non-profit organizations, renters, and employees ensure the people they encounter, deal with, rent to, or hire are whom they say they are. 


Using Address History Checks in the Hiring Process

The address history search and social security number trace allow employers to confirm that people are whom they claim to be. Findings from a social security number trace are part of a consumer report and are not usable as a basis for decisions to hire individuals. It serves to establish the candidate's identity and helps locate the jurisdiction to search for permanent records. 

Running a social security validation and address history trace confirms information provided by an applicant. It's not a free service, but it's cheaper than a comprehensive background check. In some situations, it makes sense. In others, it's more logical to use them as complements to further criminal background checks. 

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Address History Checks Are Part of a Comprehensive Background Screening

A background check protects a company or renter from potential risk. It's a crucial screening step to make an informed decision before hiring or renting to someone. To have full confidence in an applicant's credentials, knowing a person's whereabouts is of importance. It's necessary for carrying out correspondence in the pre- and post-hiring or rental phase. 

The address makes it easy to send out applicant forms, offer letters, or settlement documents. Some instances make it useful in sending out legal notifications. Address history verification prevents misgivings if an employee or renter defaults on an account and helps track down a defaulter. 

An address verification service is a useful tool for conducting a comprehensive criminal background check. The service helps validate essential information, guides criminal background checks, and provides peace of mind. Applications contain past and present addresses.

Not only does an address history verification confirm what is on the application, but it includes additional names and addresses to check for possible criminal activity as well. An address history check is a timeline of the locations an applicant lived at in the recent past. It includes any place they received mail, such as a friend's address, college, or parents' home. If an applicant received mail, they likely have a history.

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