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At eKnowID, we know you want a peace of mind of knowing you hired a reliable and trustworthy employee. That's why we want to focus on helping you make a clear and informed hiring decision when you’re considering bringing someone new to work in your home or office. Stop relying on your gut and start knowing who you hire.



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How We Solve for Businesses

Learn about the different types of background checks:

  • Criminal record
  • Credit check
  • Driving record
  • Educational background check
  • Employment application check
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Answer the top five hiring concerns:

  • Honesty
  • Community
  • Criminality
  • Financial Corruption
  • Liability
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I was having trouble landing a job, so I used eKnowID to see what my potential employers were seeing in my background check. eKnowID investigators checked my history, and I was surprised to see false information under my name. I was able to use the information eKnowID gave me in order fix these issues and ensure better job prospects in the future!

Melanie Bates
Accede Technology

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Hire Your Best Talent with Background Checks

Can you trust every application or resume that comes your way? Running background checks during hiring can help you find the right people for your organization. Learn about background checks, how they can help, what the cost looks like, and how you can get started today.