Professional Reference Checks

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When you're looking to hire the best employees, the job candidates must have a clean background and a strong history of performance. And there’s no better way to find that out than by using reference check services from eKnowID.

What is a Professional Reference Check? Is it the Same as a Background Check?

While background checks are an effective way of finding out if someone has any criminal records or bad credit, professional reference checks simply include dates of employment and job titles, as well as dates of attendance for college and other crucial details about the worker in question. Recruiters need this data to ensure they're finding the best job applicant during the interview process.

More in-depth checks involve asking references questions about the prospective employee’s personal qualities, such as their tolerance for stress, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. 

When you use background and reference checks from eKnowID, you'll know everything about your potential hires before deciding on moving them further in the hiring process. eKnowID helps businesses run a reference check thoroughly and effortlessly.

Consent for Reference Checks

Employers must obtain permission from the job applicant before contacting references, as well as releasing school transcripts and other educational records. Certain states regulate what employers may ask an applicant’s references, but many states do not require permission for doing a reference check.

The Benefits of Reference Checks for Businesses

Small to medium-sized business owners will find there are many benefits to conducting regular reference checks.

References verified, in under 72 hours.

Our private investigators call each reference personally, verify they are who they say they are, and write up notes on what they have to say about your candidate, all for only $20.
  • You can find out more about the individual's work history and personality, and on-job performance.
  • It's easy to evaluate whether or not you want to hire them based on feedback from others.
  • The employer will confirm that they're a good fit for your business, enhancing their chances of getting hired.
  • Reference checks will verify that the applicant has not fabricated any information about their work history.

The Benefits of Reference Checks for Employees

Reference checks help employees get jobs faster because employers know who they are before making an offer. In addition, most people feel better knowing how much information is available about them regarding background checking. A professional reference check gets new employee relationships started on the right footing.

Reference Check Questions: When conducting a professional reference check with references, several steps are involved in the process, including contacting previous employers (or recommenders) and asking what qualities make this applicant qualified for the job. Doing so gives employers insights into how the person will integrate with the current team.

Why Use eKnowID for Your Professional Reference Checks

You want to hire the best employees, and we can help! We offer reference checks for hiring the best employees. Reference checking is vital to finding out what type of person you are hiring. The cost will vary depending on how much information your company needs. We're always happy to help! Just answer some simple questions like the number of people working at a location, length of employment, and other pertinent details.

When you're looking to hire the best employees, you want to know that their former employers have had a positive experience with them. When you use reference checks from eKnowID, you'll know everything about your potential hires before deciding on hiring them.

Need More Information? Consider Comprehensive Background Checks

Your company culture matters, and not all candidates will fit well in your company. With a comprehensive background check, our services can help you weed out people who may not be a good fit.

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There are many reasons why background checks matter, but it comes down to trust and safety in the end. When someone is looking to work at your organization, you want to have as much information on them as possible before extending an offer.

A background check will unveil everything about an individual that public records have access to: their education and employment history and other information like court filings and driving violations might not come up when searching state records.

When you want to get a comprehensive background check on candidates you're considering for employment opportunities, we can help with all of the following:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Credit checks
  • Driving records
  • Educational verification
  • Employment verification

If you have pressing hiring needs, you can rely on these background checks to help your HR Director and hiring managers to streamline their screening process for new hires, and promotions from within. Make improvements to your hiring process today and contact us for reference and background checks.