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Why You Should Run an Online Background Check

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by Jessica Elliott


Can you trust every application or resume that comes your way? 38% of senior managers reported removing an applicant from consideration after discovering he or she lied, according to a survey by the staffing service OfficeTeam.

Unfortunately, resume embellishment results in employers hiring candidates without the proper credentials. Whether it’s a padded resume or glossed-over employment record, missing or incorrect data puts your business at risk.

Steer clear of problems by incorporating pre-employment screening into your hiring process. Learn how an automated online background check delivers peace of mind while reducing the daunting unknowns of hiring new employees.

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Why Hiring Managers Use Online Background Checks

Digital background screenings are common, with 97% of respondents saying they use online background checks in a study commissioned by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Out of this group, 89% conduct screenings to protect customers and employees. However, respondents also investigate job candidates to:

  • Comply with laws or regulations
  • Improve the quality of new hires
  • Protect the company’s reputation

Background screenings put control in your hands. Taking this extra step delivers several benefits to you, your company, employees and customers.

Benefits of Using a Pre-Employment Screening Process

Protecting your business, staff and clients is a key benefit of using a comprehensive background check. But, examining a job applicant’s history also gives you a competitive edge.  Online background checks:

Improve your hiring process.

With seamless and transparent screenings, your applicants walk away with a good impression of your organization. This commands better reviews on sites like Glassdoor, where talent researches your company before applying to open positions.

Screen out unqualified applicants.

Candidates may embellish their education or employment history leading to problems in your workplace when the truth comes out. When that happens, the finger will point back to you, the hirer. Your employment verification process verifies data so you can focus your efforts on interviewing well-qualified applicants.

Reduce risks from hiring the wrong person.

Poor hiring decisions jeopardize your reputation and business credibility. Furthermore, applicants with problematic histories may lead to increased workplace pitfalls like data fraud or theft. A quick screening weeds out unfit candidates.

Deliver peace of mind in decision-making.

Pre-employment background checks give you precise data, which makes it easier to select top candidates and justify decisions. You won’t have to worry about missing critical information or second-guessing your decision.

Screening Applicants Trumps Blind Trust

Gone are the days where you take someone’s word on a piece of paper. Let’s face it. Hiring a new employee is a risk. With sensitive business and customer data, cybersecurity concerns and potential public relations nightmares, it’s necessary to look beyond a resume and have that information in hand before an interview.

In many cases, you can begin your screening during a phone call. Simply collect an email address to start the process. An online background check service for small business handles it from there. Then, you’ll have accurate results within a short time.

Online Background Checks: It’s a Game Changer

Many enterprise-level background check services aren’t affordable to small-medium businesses. In the past, this led to a pre-employment background screening that left crucial details out. A legitimate online background check verifies information using a variety of multijurisdictional databases.

With advanced technology and innovative features, today’s job candidate reports are high-tech and high-touch, meaning your company benefits from fast and seamless interactions during your employment verification or criminal history check. Improve your outcomes by knowing who you’re hiring. Get started today with eKnowID.

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