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The Dos and Don'ts of an Employment Verification Process

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by Jessica Elliott


The right skills on a resumé don’t always mean you found the appropriate person for the job. There are many factors that determine the best fit. One part of that determination is the background verification process. According to the Bureau of Labor, the average worker aged 25 to 34 only sticks with a job for 3.2 years, so you may have multiple past employers to call and a lot of information to review.

Sifting through applications, making calls and following up with references takes time. But, failing to assess and double-check resumes leads to incomplete hiring data, which puts your company at risk. Adopt the best practices to ensure a complete history while saving resources with these tips.

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What is the employment verification process?

During the employment verification process, you speak with former employers of the job applicant. Depending on the length of your candidate’s job history, you may spend hours contacting previous employers. That’s why many hiring managers opt to use a background check service to handle the details.

Once an applicant signs a waiver, the service confirms job history and returns the information to you in a report. You’ll get data about former job titles, employment periods and other performance details. The entire process usually takes 72 hours or less.

You may use this as a solo solution. But, it’s often a time-saver to include a reference check as well, so you cover all the bases. With a comprehensive background check, you’ll get a full view of your applicant’s history.

Employment Verification Best Practices

Introduce a reliable hire to your team with the confidence gained from a pre-employment screening. Create a smooth plan that is frictionless for applicants and you. Follow these best practices to get the most out of your next verification.

3 Dos of an Employment Verification Process

Do: Document hiring guidelines that list your background screening standards, such as length of time examined in employment reviews. A transparent system with consistent recordkeeping reduces allegations of discrimination.

Do: Follow the correct legal process, including written consent and standardized questions. Common topics hiring managers cover include rehire eligibility, start and end employment dates, the reason for leaving and job title.

Do: Make consistent efforts to gain accurate information. It may take several follow-up calls and emails. In some cases, you may need to send a formal letter. It’s crucial to note your communications for all online background checks and verification methods.

Things to Avoid When Screening Applicants

An unorganized hiring process wastes your time and leaves you with inaccurate information. Instead, use data to make the best hiring decisions and inform every step.

3 Don’ts of an Employment Verification Process

Don’t: Vary your assessment by individual candidates. Instead, define your parameters in relation to the job position or company level. 

Don’t: Ignore inconsistencies between an applicant’s resume and data from your pre-employment background check. 

Don’t: Forget to complete waivers and get permission to contact current employers. Refrain from asking about protected information by following local, state and federal laws.

Employ the Best Methods for Solid Results

Are you ready to explore tailored solutions for your next background check? Match facts to resumes to get a complete picture of your job candidate’s employment history. Although a typical application may take days or weeks to get final answers, a service can help you create an efficient process for data-based decision-making. Explore your options and find the best new hire by starting with eKnowID.


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