Sex Offender Background Checks

As a business owner, securing a safe and friendly environment for your employees and customers is paramount. Without proper information, you can easily employ potentially dangerous individuals who can threaten to disrupt your workplace's natural integrity, breach all ethics, or worse, sexually harm those around you. 

Besides carrying out interview screening procedures, such as criminal background reports or identification documents, a sex offender background check is a standard component of the screening process, which can aid your employment decision. Through a sex offender registry report, you can accurately scrutinize a prospective employee, allowing you to avoid hiring the wrong kind of person.

Why Conduct a Sex Offender Search?

A sex offender search is a background check resource service that provides adequate offender registry data and is used as a risk assessment in many corporations looking to employ potential candidates. Through the National Sex Offender public website or third-party sites, you can carry out a nationwide search spanning across all states and surrounding territories, leaving no stone unturned.

A sex offender background check can help prevent you from hiring sexual deviants and criminals. Not only will a sex offender put a person at risk of harassment or rape, but they can also negatively affect your company's reputation and incur serious legal implications, such as lawsuits, jail sentences, or business termination.

Who Is Listed on a Sex Offender Registry?

Since the introduction of Megan's Law in 1996, all states must have a sex offender registry database with relevant sex offenders to avoid putting persons at risk. Megan's Law helps ensure that all employers adhere to consistent sex offender background checks to endorse optimal working conditions. This helps alleviate the chances of hiring a criminal, preventing them from repeating their previous habits at your expense. In a common sex offender registry, the enlisted individuals are categorized according to the following:

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  • Offender registry date
  • Names or aliases
  • Identification numbers
  • Home address
  • Description of offense
  • Unique physical traits like scars or tattoos 

To be listed on the registry, you would be required to commit a serious sexually related felony, such as rape or sexual battery, toward an adult or child. In some states, committing immoral public indecency is enough to get a person listed on the sex offender registry. While the sentencing is dire, sex offender records permanently affect one's employability and quality of life. More than 752,000 people have been classified as registered sex offenders in various states as of 2019. 

What Industries Benefit Most From Sex Offender Searches?

While most industries deviate from doing a standard sex offender background check, many vital work environments with sensitive populations cannot afford the leisure to do so. For example, employers running a daycare center or a store selling children's products should adhere to a sex offender check. Other businesses that contain sensitive populations requiring workers to have a clean record include:

  • Elderly care facilities
  • Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals 
  • Mortuaries and funeral homes
  • Family-oriented restaurants

However, this doesn't limit employers from carrying out a sex offender check in any other industry excluded from this list. A sex offender background check is a standard component aimed toward protecting your employees' and customers' livelihoods. Most states under Megan's Law require all employers to carry out a mandatory sex offender background check search while others are more flexible. However, if provided the opportunity, it is recommended to seek a sex offender registry report to aid your employment decision and ensure your business's safety.

You can help protect your company and those involved from the dangers of dealing with a high-risk sex offender. Contact eKnowID today to get started.