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Nationwide Background Check

Employers have the legal right under federal law to look into employee backgrounds before hiring or as a basis for deciding whether they should keep an employee on a job. Background checks are an efficient and effective way to perform employee background screenings to reveal any red flags. They help employers make the right hiring decision while also keeping trustworthy employees. These checks save you money and ensure you make informed decisions to protect your company’s reputation. 

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What Are Nationwide Background Checks?

A criminal database that helps you instantly searches over half a billion records from thousands of jurisdictions nationwide to report crimes prosecuted in state and local courts, including the Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of Courts, and state, county, and township courts. While the search is commercially referred to as a Nationwide background check, in reality, the search is a combination of multistate jurisdiction searches found at the county level in various states across the U.S. Each state provides varying degrees on what counties are available through the nationwide criminal search and the type of criminal checks (e.g., misdemeanor, felony, ordinance, etc.) they can provide. Nationwide Criminal Checks are made available electronically and are compiled into what is commonly called the  ‘nationwide’ criminal database.  A nationwide criminal check enables us to deliver a more comprehensive criminal search instantly.  


Why Are Background Checks Necessary for the Hiring Process?


Ensures a Safe and Harmonious Work Environment

Comprehensive screening helps you uncover, research, and verify details before hiring somebody. Making an informed hiring decision based on this information helps protect your team from harm by maintaining a peaceful and conducive working environment.

Helps Promotes Trust

Taking on an unqualified candidate is a risk to your organization. A Nationwide criminal search can help you determine whether the person is trustworthy and compatible with your organization’s structure.

Avoid Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Resume embellishments are a common phenomenon that results in employers hiring candidates without proper credentials. Minimize risk and create a safe, secure workplace. 

Easily Identify Qualified Applicants

Background checks help improve your hiring process by ensuring you focus your efforts on qualified candidates and Make fair decisions for fair chance hiring.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Background checks on new and potential employees provide your company with a screening solution that satisfies your in-house compliance expertise. It also ensures you adhere to the state, federal, and industry regulatory standards and requirements, which vary from state-to-state and the positions you're staffing. 


What Nationwide Criminal Records Checks Can Reveal

Criminal Records Checks can help you make an informed hiring choice by revealing any potential dangers related to a position and the applicant. Looking through public, government, state, and location information bases can uncover an applicant's criminal history, including any:

  • Felony criminal convictions, including murder, rape, kidnapping, arson, theft (values larger than $500), and aggravated assault, as well as incarceration history.
  • Misdemeanor criminal convictions, such as vandalism, trespassing, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, prostitution, and theft (values less than $500)
  • Pending criminal cases


The Bottom Line

Your employee’s history may help predict future behavior, and a comprehensive background screening will help you make an informed hiring decision. Using a reliable background check resource will help streamline your hiring process, ensure you pick highly qualified candidates and set you up for long-term success. Learn more about potential employees before welcoming them into your organization by working with a professional screening provider like eKnowID.

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