Your Background Check Process Might Be Too Complex: Here's Why

by Ali Gordon

At a time when many small businesses are struggling to find employees, it is essential for companies to ensure they make themselves as attractive to candidates as possible. Fair, liveable wages and healthy work conditions can draw quality candidates, but attention to other details like hiring and background check processes can also set a company apart. 

If a background check process is too complex, it can not only slow down team hiring and onboarding, but it can also cause a company to miss out on quality candidates. More competitive candidates may move on to the next employment opportunity if a process takes too long or is confusing. Employers who offer candidates with options and transparency will streamline the process and stand out to top candidates.

Use the Right Kinds of Checks and Offer Candidates Options

One of the best ways to simplify a background check process is to give candidates options. To do this effectively, businesses should choose a legally compliant background check company that will understand their needs for the types of candidates they will have to vet and ensure candidates are not doing more work than necessary to be screened for a role. This can make the process much easier for everyone involved.  

For example, a background check company must be able to understand the scope of the checks required whether they are hiring nannies or staffing for a security role. Background check companies that leverage advanced technology with a personal touch can help businesses determine fit. They also ensure candidates have options to tell their professional narratives, such as education background or explanations about legal records.

Beyond this, small businesses should also offer digitized and physical methods for candidates to submit information. Mobile consent forms and online options for desktops can remove access obstacles for candidates, especially if they don’t have access to logistical tools like a printer. However, it’s not always best to use an app that candidates have to download because this can create obstacles for applicants lacking data or just add an extra, unnecessary step. The key is to ensure easy alternatives that remove challenges candidates may face. 

Clearly Communicate Company Policies

Background checks are not only about screening out unqualified candidates; they are also about screening in for high caliber hires. This part of the employment process is an opportunity to build connection and transparent relationships with candidates. The positive experiences prospects and employees have with a company will translate into better customer service and brand representation. Clear communication about background checks is a place to implement these kinds of relationships right from the start. 

Companies should display their policies like fair hiring and confidentiality practices upfront to make the background check process smooth and consistent. This should include the process for disputing errors or adding further information if background check results negatively impact a candidate. This enables prospects to have all the information they may need upfront, which will speed up the process for all parties. 

Understanding the types of checks, offering candidate options, and clearly communicating the process will eliminate obstacles for high-quality candidates and enable businesses to focus more energy on finding the right fit.

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