Which Background Check is Best for the Manufacturing Industry?

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by Christine Lagendyk

The manufacturing industry is a major player in the United States economy. With no signs of slowing down, manufacturing facilities must operate efficiently to keep up with demand. Hiring employees who are unqualified or unreliable may lead to lower productivity or injury, and hiring employees with criminal records may lead to theft or workplace violence.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you how background checks for the manufacturing industry can reduce the potential for injury and theft by screening out high risk candidates.

3 Benefits of Background Checks in the Manufacturing Industry

Whether it be due to injury, theft, or workplace violence, the consequences of a bad hire can be far-reaching and costly to your manufacturing business. Here are 3 ways background checks can benefit the manufacturing industry:

  1. Maintain a safe workplace
    The manufacturing industry often requires employees to perform high-risk activities. Workplace accidents can cause serious injury to employees and can have a negative impact on productivity. Background checks for the manufacturing industry can screen out unreliable applicants making your manufacturing facility less prone to workplace injuries.
  2. Prevent theft
    Theft is a big problem in the manufacturing industry due to the sheer volume and scale of goods travelling in and out of a facility. Background checks for the manufacturing industry can screen out dishonest and unethical applicants making your business less susceptible to theft and fraudulent activity.
  3. Reduce liability for negligent hiring 
    The manufacturing industry is under constant pressure to meet quotas, deadlines, and client demands. While it’s tempting to rush the hiring process to maintain optimal staffing levels, conducting background checks for the manufacturing industry can screen out applicants with criminal records, sexual offences, or those who exhibit unacceptable behavior. By lowering the risk to other employees, you reduce the likelihood of your business being held liable for negligent hiring.

8 Elements Needed in Background Checks for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is subject to many federal regulations and safety requirements. Hiring reliable employees can ensure that your business remains compliant and is a safe environment for everyone. Background checks for the manufacturing industry should always include these 8 essential elements:

  1. Person Search & Address History

    A candidate’s social security number is used to establish their identity and confirm that they are who they say they are. An address history trace provides all names and addresses associated with that number. 
  2. Nationwide Criminal Background Check With Alias
    Over half a billion records are searched to report crimes prosecuted in state and local courts. Aliases uncovered during the address search are also searched.
  3. Sex Offender Background Check
    Candidates on a sex offender registry can be identified through a nationwide or single state search. 
  4. Global Security Watch List
    Suspicious or dangerous activities performed by candidates may be identified through a global security watch list. While their actions may not have resulted in criminal records, they could reflect poorly on your business.
  5. International Background Check
    Candidates who have lived in other countries should be screened internationally to determine if they have criminal records outside of the United States.
  6. County Criminal Courthouse Search
    Criminal cases tried in local jurisdictions are kept at the county court, making county criminal courthouse searches one of the most complete sources for felony and misdemeanor criminal records.
  7. Employment Verification
    Employment history, dates of employment, job position, and reason for leaving can be confirmed through an employment verification check.
  8. Driving Record and License Verification Search
    Candidates who will use their own vehicle, or a company vehicle, to perform job-related driving duties should be subjected to a driving record and license check. These checks can flag candidates with poor records due to traffic violations, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or unpaid parking tickets.

Find the Best Employees for Your Manufacturing Business

The potential for injury and theft in the manufacturing industry is great. Hiring the wrong employee can result in significant loss to your company’s productivity, reputation, and bottom line. A manufacturing industry background check can help you identify skilled, reliable, and qualified candidates and should always be a critical part of your hiring process. 

Not sure which background check is right for you?

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