Recruiters, Here's Why You Should Include a Background Check With Your Candidate Profiles

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by Ali Gordon

Since the start of the global pandemic in spring 2020, online hiring and remote work increased dramatically. In fact, digital job listings requiring or allowing remote work doubled between 2020 and 2021, and this work-from-home trend is holding in many industries even as infection rates decline. With this shift in work style, recruiters will continue navigating the world of online hiring going forward, and including completed background checks with candidate profiles can both protect and boost the value of recruiting firms. 

Completed Background Checks Demonstrate a Thorough Vetting Process

By 2024, the industry for online recruitment is expected to grow by $3.5 Billion with an increased dependency on artificial intelligence. Employers and prospective employees both will be expecting faster, higher quality service from recruiting firms, and recruiters need to be able to demonstrate their unique, competitive value. Services like eKnowID understand this and already utilize advanced technology to conduct comprehensive background checks that recruiting firms can count on to match the quality expected by their clients. 

When recruiting firms can offer candidates who have already completed background checks as part of their profile, they demonstrate a thorough vetting process for each candidate--not just a picture of potential hires in the present, but also assessing their past. This makes their candidate offerings more personal and precise for each client. With the growing risks of fraud in cyberspace, recruiters who include completed checks also demonstrate to employers that their firm has considered the risks of online hiring--ultimately raising the credibility and efficiency of their firm’s brand and providing motivation for employers to return for future hires. 

Background Checks Raise the Value of Your Recruits in the Gig Economy

Online hiring for permanent positions is not the only growing trend recruiters should consider: temporary employment and independent contracting is also increasingly popular. In fact, the gig economy has grown 15% in the last 10 years, and, according to CNBC, that shift is projected to continue as the workforce evolves. Whereas a permanent role may undergo a more lengthy vetting process, gig employment often does not, even though employers still need to be able to count on these workers to deliver reliably. Staffing agencies that require completed background checks for all their candidates--including temporary and seasonal hires or independent contractors --will raise the value of their recruits and remain competitive.

Background Checks Save Your Clients An Extra Step -- A Great Selling Point!

When recruiters include background checks in candidate profiles, you save employers an extra step after they review your hiring recommendations. A background check can take anywhere from days to months, depending on the depth of investigation required for verifying appropriate job qualification. At eKnowID, we use advanced technology to screen with both efficiency and quality: 90% of our screenings return results within hours. But not every service can say that, and lengthy background screenings can add cost to employers. 

However, if an employer knows a recruiter has already completed screenings for recommended candidates and met baseline compliance requirements for hiring in their industry, they can be more confident reviewing qualified prospects. Employers are now freed up to focus more on culture fit, which can lead to long term satisfaction with the staffing service. Recruiting firms that bundle financial and time costs by including background checks as part of building their candidate profiles offer a stronger selling point and can stand out.

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