Turnaround Time





Turnaround Time

  • Do they deliver accurate and in-depth reports in 72 hours or less?
  • Do you offer on-demand accurate reports?
  • Do they offer easy onboarding to get you started in less
    than 30 minutes?

The pandemic has truly shaped and shifted healthcare.

Supplemental Healthcare Chief Operating Officer, Vickie Anenberg, recently stated, “To accommodate growing healthcare needs, care continues to move outside of the traditional hospital setting.”

According to recent market research, the home healthcare market is projected to reach $274.7 billion by 2025. Pre-pandemic, home healthcare was most often utilized after hospital stays.

This changed with the pandemic, and home healthcare services are now used to keep people out of the hospital. Home visits and telemedicine are being used to help manage chronic disease, a variety of issues facing the elderly population, mental health issues, and more. With this trend, we expect to see more of the responsibilities normally handled within a medical facility now be managed by clinicians outside of the office and inside of the home, increasing the demand for these essential home healthcare positions.

And with this shift, how do the hospitals and healthcare facilities keep up with the demand while making sure they have the right people who take care of their patients?

Being said that, the turnaround time is truly important to support the needs of the healthcare industry and keep up with the fast-paced environment it has.

With too many applicants waiting in line and lots of roles to fill, the least any healthcare provider need is another risk factor- especially one as potentially dangerous and too costly as hiring someone with criminal records or other compliance issues before they even start working!

Can your background check provider deliver the report in less than 72 hours?